Communication From All Angles

  • 2-way sync (IMAP provider)
  • emails sent outside
  • aNinja can be viewed
  • when you send in aNInja can also see in your email client / phone
  • Templates
  • Email sequences
  • Text sequences
  • Templates
  • In-browser call / receive calls
  • call recording
  • forward calls to your phone
  • voicemails
  • Buy phone numbers!

Have Your Outreach Done Automatically 


  • Sequences
  • Templates
  • Triggers

User Friendly Custom Reporting

  • Built To Help You Manage
  • See Your Trends
  • Manage and Track Different Sets of Data

Choose a workflow, or make your own

Every team has a unique process for shipping software. Use an out-of-the-box workflow, or create one to match the way your team works.

Maintain And Grow Your Business

View Our Packages And Select What You Need

  • Multi-team support

Engage your teams in aNinja and help them stay organized, focused, and on-track at all times

  • Communication

Keep in-touch with your customers from all angles, and do it efficiently

  • Automations

Setup automatic outreach to communicate with your customers, even when you aren’t there

  • Reporting

See how your team is doing from a metric standpoint, and track all your data in one place


aNinja works with your existing tools and workflow

G Suite

Directly integrated with G Suite so your work can stay in one place


Over 1000+ integrations through Zapier, the easiest way to integrate your workflow with other tools


Build custom integrations or integrate with internal systems

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